February 9, 2024

BRT Partnership Announcement

Material Processing Solutions (MPS-PTY) is excited to announce that we have partnered with BRT Hartner to represent them in Australia and New Zealand!

BRT Hartner are well-known for their exceptional standard of processing equipment to service the waste industries various streams, Commercial & Industrial waste, Construction & Demolition waste, Municipal waste, Organics, Residual & E-waste.

The comprehensive BRT Hartner product range of Bag Openers – Feed and Metering Hoppers – Ballistic Separators – Disc Screens – Trommel Screens – Air Separators – Moving Floor Conveyors – Perforators and many more makes easy work of these challenging waste streams. Enabling recyclers ensure optimum separation and a consistent, regulated flow of material through their recycling plants.

BRT Hartner are renowned as the masters of tackling baled & compacted material.

The BRT Bale De-wiring device, combined with their Bale Breaker, can autonomously remove the wires from baled material before un-compacting & providing regulated consistent feed. Suitable for SRF, RDF, Plastics, Paper & Cardboard & other baled material.

Andre Berlage – Executive Manager:

“We are excited with our new partnership for Australia & New Zealand. We believe that MPS-PTY’s extensive knowledge and understanding of the waste industry down-under is the stepping stone required to help build our reputation in this part of the world.

Not only are we confident in their extensive knowledge of the industry but also the vast experience in operating & maintaining recycling equipment. We believe this is what will set MPS-PTY apart from other suppliers & help deliver better service to existing & future customers.

BRT Hartner & Material Processing Solutions believe this partnership will help bring the European standards of processing equipment to this part of the world. Driving safer and more efficient processes to the Australian & New Zealand Markets.

We encourage all current customers to get in touch with us. We are eagerly awaiting the chance to discuss your requirements and understand how we can further assist you.

If you are Interested in discussing how the BRT Hartner range could assist your processing needs, please don’t hesitate to contact us.